Focused Business Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Manufacturing Resource Planning, and Warehouse Management Systems.

Our approach, which is fundamentally different from other firms, demonstrates our expertise. Our approach has supported our success.

Most organizations have experienced bait and switch software projects where the actual costs, driven by hours of effort, are substantially greater than what was estimated. Firms that propose supporting your project using an hourly rate are shifting the risk to you, and they are signaling their lack of confidence/expertise/experience.

We take responsibility for learning the detailed requirements that drive system decisions – this is not the same as getting a basic understanding of your organization.

With our resulting detailed understanding of your organization, combined with our expertise and experience, we set a fixed – no change order price. We shift the cost risk to QCI by structuring relationships that don't allow for our clients to experience cost overruns.

Organizations depend on their core business systems to support their quote-to-cash processes. This drives bottom line value. Stand-alone off the shelf software alone rarely provides the best solution. The best solution that goes beyond an off-the-shelf ERP, CRM MRP or WMS system. Because of our deep expertise and our approach you do not have to be constrained by a software package.

Working as a team, we have supported our clients for over 20 years. We use our deep understanding of your business to support you into the future.

We have been CFOs, Controllers, and Accountants. We understand your perspective.

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